Monday, December 01, 2008

Daily Lynx - December Edition

A couple of lynx to start the week. (I'm only doing a few because I have so many shopping deals above.)

1. Do you secretly believe in Astrology but are afraid to tell anyone? Well, here's a new Feministy way to get your fill. For you gals (and Sparky Duck), find out What Goddess are you? By the way, I am Great Mother Demeter, and I should be looking into hiking or abseiling, whatever the hell that is.

2. And if you really want to get all Mestrualed up, look at the size women that Jockey says are "Queen." We're not even talking TV big. We're talking regular sized women! What the hell is wrong with the world? If you can't trust women's underwear, is the world really worth living in?

3. On a totally different note, did the Navy not look at a blueprint before they Designed a base to look like a Swastika? Related Hyperion point: I used to live about one mile from there. I had nothing to do with the base design.

Enjoy your Lynx, my pretties!

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