Monday, December 01, 2008

Time to start Shopping!

I have some shopping deals for you.

Actually, I HAD a whole bunch. I found all these "Black Friday" deals at Amazon, but I guess it's not Black Friday anymore. (I don't ever remember that term. How long have people been using it?)

Anyway, I found some other deals that you might like. Make sure to get me something too, okay?

Amazon has movies for less than $5. There are 275 of them, some actually good! I noticed INSIDE MAN, BRICK, ABOUT A BOY and CHILDREN OF MEN just on the front page.

And Amazon has Seasons of TV shows for less than $20. Including Seasons of The Simpsons, Gilmore Girls, Mad Men and more. There are also movies, so you have to sort of comb through (1228 options), but dude, the deals are worth taking the time.

How long have you lived without a Darth Vader Toaster? Too long my friend, too long. (You didn't even know these things existed before, but now you want one!)

And for those Star Wars Fans out there who also get cold, , might I suggest a Stormtrooper Hoodie? Perfect for that guy or gal who's out on the town looking for droids.

I'll have more tomorrow!

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