Thursday, December 04, 2008

More Amazing DVD offers

The other day I posted some incredible DVD deals. These are so amazing it's hard to believe, but true. I'm not sure anything can beat 19 seasons of Simpsons on DVD (8 of which aren't even available in America), for $170, but there are a few jaw-droppers that I didn't get to post the other day.

The Cannes Film Festival has a 60th Anniversary package, with 60 movies. They look to be all the winners of the Palm D'Or. It costs $160.

Then there is the Oscar Classic Package. It includes an astonishing 96 movies, including many of the Best Picture Winners (and all nominated movies that are famous) for $210. You should click just to read the list!

And what may be the biggest draw, Disney has their 100 Years of Magic Collection, which actually comes in a Golden Treasure Box! There is a 150 disc edition, and a 132 disc edition. I just looked at both discs, and the only thing the 132 disc edition is missing is a few Barbie cartoons and a couple of Disney Fairy tales. It's not worth 50 extra bucks. Anyway, the 132 disc edition has everything you've ever wanted, from all the regular disney movies, to the Pixar movies, to all the Donald and Mickey and Minnnie and even all the Whinnie the Pooh and Tom and Jerry. You have never seen anything like it. It's regularly priced for 1000 bucks, and the lowest I've seen is $250, but here it's $170.

All of the items have a $17 shipping, but when you consider how much more expensive these would be anywhere else, they're just steals.

Also, remember to visit the home page to get coupon codes for 5, 10, or 15% off.

And feel free to get me something! (I'm going to put up a wish-list tomorrow, Tengri willing.)


Koz said...

Until I see Song of the South in a Disney box - I'm not buying.

Hyperion said...