Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Walt Disney Vs. Menstruation (who ya got?)

I'm not even sure how I found this video. It seems that in 1946 Walt Disney produced the following: "The Story of Menstruation." The ten minute movie (I found a streamlined version if you can't bear to watch the whole thing, although it's worth it) tells girls exactly why they are getting their periods, and how they should feel about it. Oh to have been a girl in the '40s!

As you are watching the film, I want you to ponder the following things:

What the hell are those girls looking at the cat for? Is that some sort of Period ritual?

I'm torn between the somewhat condescending tone and the (especially for the times) rather frank practical advice. What do you think?

I love that accent!

Things I love: showing the girl in the shower. Things I hate: she has no feet.

Speaking of showering, women used to not bathe during their periods? Gerrrroooosssss!

Speaking of no feet, is that some sort of chauvinist statement, or a limit of the animation?

Speaking of the animation, is that Cinderella in the beginning?

So, dancing on period = good, heavy petting on period = NO!

Did you see who sponsored the film at the end? Very classy. If that was made today you just know there would be some product placement going on!

Don't let it get you down. Remember, no matter how you feel, you have to live with others. Once you stop feeling sorry for yourself....

Constipation equals troubles with pregnancy? Do the baby and the turdy fight or something? I have never heard of this.

Well, see for yourself:

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