Thursday, December 20, 2007

Best Christmas Shopping EVER!

Yesterday I told you that I would reveal the best place to STILL get Christmas gifts delivered on time. They have free overnight delivery. In fact, if you order by SUNDAY AFTERNOON, on the 23rd, they will guarantee it gets there before Christmas. I talked about them last year, but you really need to visit:

Did I mention shipping is free? That goes more than one direction. Last year I got my dad a pair of Ohio State Buckeye Crocs (in bright red). I didn't know how shoe sizes ran in crocs, and I got him the wrong size. They let me ship the crocs back free, and sent me another pair. Sadly, the day they sent the new crocs, I found out I STILL had my dad's size wrong, and I called them up. Without waiting for the second pair of crocs to arrive (just to see if they might fit), they went ahead and sent out a third pair for, trusting me to send back the second one.

How's THAT for customer service?

I tell you what: when I dealt with these people on the phone I thought it would be a hassle, but they were so nice I wanted to cry. I would do a commercial free of charge for them they were so great. Seriously: you HAVE TO TRY

Their raison d'etre is shoes, but Zappos also sells clothing, bags, jewelry and other accessories. I can see my mother spending 56 hours there.

Speaking of which, even if all your Christmas shopping is done, you have to go to the site just to type in "Naughty Monkey." It's a brand of high-heeled shoes, and I, who have no fashion sense, know they are awesome. I am naming Naughty Monkey the official high-heeled shoe of Monkey Barn. Maybe I can work a tie-in promotional deal with them.

Currently Hyperion is jonesing for a size 15 pair of sandals. The Chaco Z/1 and ZX/1 are my current faves, although the black Propet Summerlite Walkers are also causing lust.

(If for some reason you were determined to buy me sandals, have them send them to 540 Front Ave. Columbus Ga, 31901. Or even a gift certificate. And remember: you're doing it to say thank you for all the hard work I do for you!)

Anyway, there has to be SOMEONE in your life who could use a gift from Zappos, even if it's you! Don't you deserve a great pair of shoes or bag just in time for Christmas? Of course you do!


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