Saturday, December 01, 2007

Daily Lynx - Spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

1. Things you can do with a single sheet of paper. (This is both simultaneously beautiful and creepy.)

2. Cool Gifts you can buy (and it doesn't even have to be for me): a pen made out of metal. The pen is completely metal, and actually writes metal! I guess a small piece of the pen is coming off with each thing you write, but the manufacturers guarantee the pen for 25 years. How cool is that?

3. You remember King Leonidas, everyone's favorite "This is Sparta!" guy? Well, here is a collection of Leonidas photoshops. I'm not sure if my favorite is the one with the turtle, the parka or the gay exercise video, but they are hilarious.

Those are your Daily Lynx. Use them wisely.

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