Friday, April 18, 2008

Hyperion's Tatoos


I have to admit, I'm not the biggest Tattoo fan. However, I tried to be open-minded and find a few that I liked. I tended toward the fantasy realm and of course the sexy.

I also found one that was all sniff-sniffy. Check it out:

(those angels rock)

Let's get the rest of the men out of the way, so I can move on to the ladies:

(no word on whether he's in love with Dragon)

(Is this a man or a woman? The person, I mean. I sure hope it's a dude. I like the faerie, though)

(this one is disturbing, but you got to admit: badass)

(how do they get the tattoo to actually come off the skin?)

(Normally several of the more raggy readers would get on me for nudity, but it's art so they can't say squat!)

Okay, here's the ladies:

(I'm not a fan of the hard-t0-read quote, but the idea of combining the Celtic cross and what looks like vampire or at least dark angel wings is pretty sweet.)

(this could make a guy sea sick, if you follow me)

(I like the dark almost shiny quality to this one. Are those thorns or onyx waves? BTW: Onyx Wave would make a great band name.)


(there is way too much going on here, with the flowers, the dragon, the sword--and what's with the eye?--but the artwork is sure lush)

One thing that really surprised me was how all my chosen tattoos turned out to be on the back. Who knew? I had no idea, and was kind of relieved to find this one, which also allowed me to sneak in some scantily cladation:

(Is that like a cat-woman or what?)

I think if I had to spend 12 hours looking at someone's art, it would be Luis Royo. His darkly sensual drawings completely absorb me. So, imagine my delight that his art work is available for tattoos! Here's one of his girls with tattoos (which could probably also be a tattoo.) I've never been too fond of tattoo, but I have to admit: I would pick this one out of a crowded bar any day of the year.

Enjoy the rest of the Monkey Barn Tatoo Show!

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