Friday, April 18, 2008

Tattoo You...Ugly


Lost Goddess

The instructions for the Tattoo Art Show were to pick the tattoos we liked, or really didn't lke. I wanted to go with an assault on the most fecal tattoo placement of them all.....The Facial Tattoo.

Sadly, to be honest I felt so strongly repulsed by them I could not even bring my self to explore the worst of them. So I will leave you with the worst example thus far. I am not saying this man does not have his reasons what ever they me be. I simply mean to say I hope I never have any of those reasons. I mean is this a man so broken he needs, not wants, but needs to hide his own true self from the face of this sick lonely world, or is he just that devoted of a misfit? Next time on tattoo you, the better of the two part tattoo extravaganza.


Dragon said...

Please tell me that's not real.

lost goddess said...

OMG yes it is very AND I MEAN VERY REAL