Thursday, April 17, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Tomorrow comes a new movie from Judd Apatow, responsible for THE FORTY-YEAR OLD VIRGIN and KNOCKED UP, called FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL. The dude is the guy from KNOCKED UP who kept hitting on Katherine Heigl's sister in that creepy way (Jason Segal). The Sarah Marshall girl is played by Veronical Mars star and all around awesome girl Kristen Bell.

Let me just say, I am very disappointed she has to be the evil bitch. Also in the film is Mila Kunis, but while she was attractive (if annoying) on That '70s Show, she is so associated with the hated Meg Griffin that I don't think I can find her hot.

Anyway, Universal sent out a link to a site where you can watch R rated clips of the movie. (Sadly, there is no female nudity, although you do see way too much of Segal's ass.) Mostly the clips are just crudely funny, and is that Paul Rudd with a new hairstyle? I think it is! Dude, at this point I'm just going to say that dude can play anything. Paul Rudd has a very underrated sense of comedic timing, and I heart him.


Be advised you do have to "prove" you are old enough to see the clips, but this is done via the honor system, which makes sense. After all, I'm not sure I want to live in a world where you couldn't trust people on the Internet to tell the truth.

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