Saturday, April 26, 2008

Is Ferras a Conservative Infilitrator?

I heard this song at work, a few times actually and enjoyed the hook. But, as I listened to the words, I sort of realized that it definetly had a bit of a message. Of course, the beginning has a reference to the main character being a centerfold, and it goes downhill from there. Yet, it is catchy.

So, is this song Rush Limbaugh influenced?

Hollywood is not America by Ferras


Hyperion said...

This is the first time I have heard this song, although I notice in the Wikipedia page that it is to be used as the "exit" song on American Idol this year. How ironic.

As to your Limbaugh question, I can only assume you're joking. Well, of course you're joking, in one sense; you don't actually believe Limbaugh is writing pop lyrics.

But more to the point: you seem to take it for granted that Limbaugh is evil (a debatable proposition, but we will take it for granted for now, since that is where you are coming from), and as such, are offended that a (presumably liberal musician) would allow himself to be sullied by conservative values. You mention how the song goes "downhill." But I got to be honest: I don't get your beef. Removing Limbaugh for a moment, it seems to me, listening to the song and perusing the lyrics carefully, that it is a song about how tough a town Hollywood is, how difficult it is to find work, and the pressures some (especially women) might feel to compromise their values to "make it."

My question: why would you have to be a conservative to feel that way? I'm not a conservative, and I hope to one day make movies in Hollywood, but I still think it's a tough town, and I deplore the pressures that make some feel they need to get into porn to make it. Sparky, you're no more conservative than I, and I can hardly believe you think too much differently.

Unless I'm just completely over-reading everything here and you're more-or-less just trying to be funny, with an obvious joke since Limbaugh is well-known as a Hollywood basher. (Or to be more accurate: Hollywood types tend to hate him.)

In which case: good one!

Sean Hannity said...

Funny, I was just about to say that this song is good if you watch American Idol or if you live in the UK or Canada.

Although, Hollywood is part of what makes America different from anywhere else.

Neal Boortz said...

If it's true, I'd like to welcome Ferras to the brotherhood of the smart people.