Friday, June 22, 2007

Oldest Child

An article making news today about how the First Child is smarter, not for genetics but because of socialization. An interesting theory. I'm a bit suspicious, but I called my three younger siblings and they seemed to agree it was true.

The real reason I post this, however, is to make fun of Lady Jane Scarlett. Last year I was talking with her on the phone and LJS was lecturing me on my lack of Monkey Barn leadership. (A year later the conversation seems ironically hilarious, but at the time it had merit. I was being somewhat of a candy-ass.)

Anyway, Lady Jane went on to expound further, telling me she had a theory about children. My "conciliatory ways," in her mind, made me a middle child. LJS was so proud of this theory that I almost hated to tell her I was the eldest.

(Feel free to leave a comment teasing Lady Jane Scarlett as well, but before you do consider this: how many of you chowder-heads would I let lecture me about anything? Odds are she stands waaaaay above you in my view, and this isn't to mention the fact that if you're mean to here she'll probably rip you a new hole or two if I don't first. With that, fire away!)


Sparky Duck said...

LJS scares me as much as Dr Phil

lost goddess said...

b4 I post what are my odds?

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Thanks Hypey...I'll watch out for you. :D

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

And, BTW...I still hold that eldest kids are smartest.