Friday, May 05, 2006

CSI thoughts

No one has responded to my award-worth commentary on Wednesday Night’s TV, but I thought I’d try it again.

I’ve been Thinking about CSI quite a bit lately. The show is still entertaining, but you can see the writing on the wall that they may have hit their apex. Last season’s finale with Nick trapped was the best episode ever, but how much of that was the genius of Quentin Tarrantino? They can’t have him every day.

(This is out of nowhere, but it’s also starting to bother me how moronic the detectives are, and how big of heroes the CSIs are. I mean, in real life, they collect fingerprints and such as they are told, and the cops do all the legwork and figure everything out. In many ways, this show is as Science Fictiony as Lost.)

I appreciate their attempts to change the pace, like the one-character focused episodes—especially concerning Brass, but with three CSIs and the procedural nature of the show, you can see them having to resort to more and more bizarre story lines, a la the furries, the chubbies, and the unfortunate man who wanted to be diapered.

Also at this point in a show the characters become a little forced. They married off Warrick, but instead of adding depth the move has robbed the guy of his cool. How is Greg 3X cooler than ‘Rick, tell me that? I want Warrick cool again! You pickin' up what I'm puttin' down?

Marg Helgengerg’s move to management hasn’t made her any more likable or complex; in truth she hasn’t been the same since her ex-husband died. And Nick’s hair issues (both facial and head) have made him almost a travesty. Much as I hate to admit it, I find myself looking forward to the brief Hodges, Coroner and Archie interludes…even Ecklie, if only for a boo-hiss bad guy. (Oh, and Sofia? Every scene she’s in she rocks.)

Last night’s previews promise that someone will be gunned down in the finale – which seems a bit of a desperation move, but could be warranted, if only to see the other characters deal with it. (Especially if it’s Sarah. How much do I hate that bitch?)

(Ugh! Not even if she had a lollipop)

We could have been lied to, like in season 3, when it was a cop that was killed, but hopefully not.

Anyway, the reason I bring this all up: assuming that it isn’t Sarah who’s gunned down, I think perhaps it’s finally time for Grissom and Sarah to attempt a clandestine romance. I’ve written extensively in the past about TV. (Go take a look at the 120s and the 130s of the Hyperion Chronicles for more info), and how romance usually kills the chemistry, with the exception of “shipper” shows, that thrive on the characters having relationships with each other. Of course, even in Shipper shows, the relationships don’t work out. TV only works wit conflict.

That said, it might just be the jolt CSI needs. In one of the best episodes ever, Grissom tells a doctor (who is getting away with murder) about how he understands the call of the young co-worker, and how he (Grissom) couldn’t make that move, risk everything. The last shot pulls back to reveal Sarah watching through the two-way glass.

She’s certainly made it clear how much she likes him, but Grissom has never bit. I thought maybe Grissom and Sofia were going to hook up for awhile. (That would have been my choice), but if that doesn’t happen, don’t you think it would be fun to see Grissom and Sarah starting something? Trying to keep it secret, the others finding out and the inevitable fallout? Her trying to get “in” to his life, and him trying to open up and let her?

Just a thought.


Tracy Lynn said...

Dude, didn't they already do that, albeit briefly, before she had the 'alcohol incident'?

I'd rather see him involved with Sophia. Or even that Dom woman from last season, she rocked.

Hyperion said...

Sarah has made explicit that she loved Gris, and he's hinted he likes her back, but there's never been anything between then. If anything, there was more with him and Sophia.

I agree with you that I'd rather see him with Sophia, but I'm adamantly not a "shipper," hoping various characters get together. It's bad for business.

And I hate Sarah, so when I say that she and Gris ought to take the next step, it's only from a dramatic standpoint.