Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Don't leave home without it

This RaceCard first appeared on Lindsog.com - but is now part of a commercial message issued by our friends at HipHopRepublican.com (Republicans while Black) - complete with customer testimonials!

Are you Black and got pulled over going 40 in a 25 mph speed limit? Then the RaceCard may be just the thing for ya! Have you ever found yourself walking while Black? Eating while Black? Or perhaps mugging someone while Black? Hitting an officer while Black? If so, child, you have come to the right place!~ Get your RaceCard today! It's a free product, so hurry while America still feels your pain! Don't take our word for it - read customer testimonials!Customer Testimonials

I have been ordering from you for about 40 years now and find your products to be of top quality and your service quick and efficient. The RaceCard is a must have!- Rev Jessie Jackson

Thank you for the quick service I received this month on my order, especially with the elections at hand. I got caught on tape punching a cop - but thank God for the RaceCard! Without it my ass would be in jail. The Race Card is a must have and I will be ordering many, many, more of them!- Rep. Cynthia McKinney

I use the RaceCard product in my ministry. I have tried several products but the RaceCard is the best. And it's always on time! Thank you for a free product for every occasion!- Rev. Al Sharpton

Ooh child things are gonna get easier now that I got my RaceCard!- Congresswoman Maxine Waters


1 comment:

Hyperion said...

The sad thing is, this is so true. I'm not like some, who claim that most black people have a sense of entitlement. I'm sure that's true for a few, but well all know lazy white people too. Sadly, entitlement knows no color.

But many black leaders have sold their people up the river with a consistent message of victimization. It angers me almost to the point of violence, and it ought to anger others, too.

Black America needs better leaders looking out for them. I'm not black, but I was made an honorary brother, and I promise that when I run the world I will not sell out an entire people just to keep my own power.