Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jaw-Dropping TV moment #1

Managed to watch a little TV last night. Some truly jaw-dropping moments.

Did you see Lost? How cool was the idea of Hurley standing there with his static-filled radio over his head, like in SAY ANYTHING?

And that ending?????? With no warning??????? Easily the most shocking forty seconds in Lost history. One hit after another after another. I cannot wait until next week.


Schrodinger's Kitten said...

I tivoed it - so now that i've seen it - WOW.

BUT...not as shocking as Locke's episode. Call me a traitor, what you will...this was 2nd best.

Hyperion said...

I'm not saying this was the best episode, I'm simply saying it was the most shocking ending.

Hmmm....a top ten of Lost episodes would be tough, but I bet Hurley-centric, Kate-centric and Sawyer-centric each make multiple landings.

If we're talking non pilots or season enders, off the top of my head the Locke episode where he meets his father, and Sawyer's, both where he shoots the wrong guy and the con he never pulled would be in my top three "filler" episodes, but I've have to think about it.