Friday, May 05, 2006


Reading Tracy Lynn's site, it seemed to me she was kind of depressed.

In an effort to be a good person and cheer her up, I sent Tracy a lollipop. It looked like this:

(click for larger view, if your heart can take it)

Now I ask you, Hyperion Nation, who wouldn't be cheered up by this??? (No one, that's who.)

Here I try to go and do something nice, and I get my head bitten off.



Tracy Lynn said...

Actually, I merely pointed out that I have my own set of boobs, and so wasn't as cheered as I probably should have been. I did, however, say that the lollipop looked good.

Did I forget to say thank you, Hypey? Thank You. :-)

Hyperion said...

Tracy Lynn - I think you're lying. I don't think you actually have your own set of boobs. (Is there any chance this could work?)

Tracy Lynn said...

No, not a chance.

Bonus points for effort.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

I'm liking the lollipop, but her looking at me like that is disturbing.

Hyperion said...

She's looking at you saying, "Hey, big girl. Come here."

That was my Eugene Levy impression. I'll be here all weekend, sadly.