Sunday, May 28, 2006

A side-project I'm working on which is so wickedly fricken cool I'm already taking T-Shirt orders...

The thing with that guy in that place that time: Realm

It breaks down a bit like a game, but its really more of a character testing ground for writers. All you need is an idea, and to create two linked blogs around that idea (the character, and their primary hangout). Then we work out the links, and you start writing. Blogs can get as fancy as you'd like to make them, but the bare bones is all that is needed to start.

So far, other than myself and my primitive efforts, I have two committed yesses currently working on concepts, and a definite maybe working out scheduling.

And even if it ain't your bag, baby, I'm hoping it'll be interesting enough for non-participants to drop by intermittently and read a little, post rude comments and suchlike.

Questions and comments can be left here, or sent to me via e-mail through the Profile link.

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