Tuesday, May 02, 2006

MB Campfire Story Part XII


In just the short time that they had taken their eyes off of the road the car drifted ever so slightly over center line. Unfortunately, tractor trailers are pretty unforgiving when they meet up with cars at a high rate of speed.

The car lay upside down and motionless except for the one spinning wheel that was slowing with each revolution. The headlights still glowing but growing dimmer with each passing minute describe the grim situation with accurate detail.

“Harry!” Anika screamed. “Nooo.” Bursting into tears.

The blood dripped from Harry’s mouth and his breath was very shallow. Except for a sore neck Anika seemed to have escaped the wreck unscathed.

“Leave me.” Harry raspily whispered. “You must get to the Petite Auberge…” he paused “…the President’s life depends on it.”

Struggling to get out any more words Harry muttered his final words “I love you.”

Anika’s tears dripped on to Harry’s face as she slowly ran her hands over his eyes to shut them for eternity.

“The President?” Anika thought to herself. Knowing he couldn’t be talking about the President of the Local 4H club, she knew the situation was more urgent than she had originally thought.

“Must get out of the car, must go now.” She thought to herself. It was all up to her now. Harry wouldn’t want her to fail. The future of the world was in her hands. She couldn’t think of it on such a grand scale – it was too overwhelming. “Must take it one step at a time.” she thought.

Still hanging upside down in her seatbelt, she opened the glove box and grabbed one of the handguns and used the Crown Royal bag to conceal it.

“No.” she thought to herself. “If I’m dealing with G-men, 6 bullets won’t be much help.” She reached in the back seat to grab the Mac 10 - which was now on the roof. “That should do nicely.”

“Now where was it?” She remembered that it had left her hand during the accident. It glimmered so brightly that she should be able to find it pretty easily, but it was so small maybe she won’t be able to find it?

She spotted it just out side the broken car window, still shimmering from the headlights of the immobilized tractor trailer. She unbuckled herself falling to the ground. Climbing out the window, she was careful not to crawl over the shards of glass.

“What’s so special about a trinket on a silver chain?” She thought to herself. She picked it up to find that it wasn’t a trinket at all but a locket. As the locket ever so slightly cracked open she heard ching as a small key fell to the ground, ringing as it hit the asphalt.

She could only think of one thing that the President could use a key for...

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Dominique said...

Koz! You win the award for plot twists thus far. I didn't see it coming. Yet I wonder, is he really dead?!? What will Lady Jane bring us tomorrow?!? I might look in my crystal ball tonight and see if i can tell, waiting an entire day to find out - what torture!

Dragon said...

R.I.P., Harry. Nice twist, Koz.

Schrodinger's Kitten said...

If Harry is dead, so help me...someone is going to get it.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Hold on to your buns buckaroos, that's not the only twist in store for us!
Great job Koz! :) LJS

Sea Hag said...

Great job!