Saturday, May 06, 2006

Kentucky Derby

Here are the most recent odds that I could find, including post positions.

(The odds work this way: if the odds were 10/1, that means if you bet 1 dollar and your horse wins, you win 10 dollars. As for Place and Show (second and third), it's much more complexl.)

Jazil (1)20/1
Steppenwolfer (2)9/1
Keyed Entry (3)30/1
Sinister Minister (4)8/1
Point Determined (5)6/1
Showing Up (6)25/1
Bob and John (7)10/1
Barbaro (8)13/2
Sharp Humor (9)30/1
A.P. Warrior (10)13/1
Sweetnorthernsaint (11)7/1
Private Vow (12)30/1
Bluegrass Cat (13)22/1
Deputy Glitters (14)35/1
Seaside Retreat (15)30/1
Cause to Believe (16)14/1
Lawyer Ron (17)7/1
Brother Derek (18)6/1
Storm Treasure (19)30/1
Flashy Bull (20)35/1

I know I should pick horses with good odds, but I'd rather pick ones with names I like.

My favorite names are Steppenwolfer, sweetnorthernsaint and Sinister Minister (for my dad).

However, I'll pick A.P. Warrior to Win, Point Determined to Place, and Steppenwolfer to Show, with BlueGrass Cat and Flashy Bull my dark horses (no pun intended).

If you're going to watch with me, leave your choices in the comments BEFORE the race starts


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Tracy Lynn said...

When does the race start? I vote Sinister Minister, for my mom, the seminary student. Hee!