Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Why do the men have their last names on their and the woman her first?


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Because we live in a sexist society. How many times have I heard "Mrs. Clinton" instead of "Senator Clinton"?

Hyperion said...

Whether we live in a sexist society or not is debatable, but in this instance, it seems the reason likes with Senator Clinton. She and her camp have been asking everyone to refer to her as "Hillary" for over a year now. I have my own thoughts on why, but we can have that another time.

Hearing "Mrs. Clinton" instead of "Senator Clinton," as LJS mentioned, is a little different. Again, though, at times HRC has emphasized the "Mrs.," perhaps to downplay the senate, and to play up she's a woman. I'm just speculating.

The real tragedy--and I say this as someone who cannot stand her--isn't what they call her, but the thousand and one other things she's subjected too. Regardless of my feelings of her, it demeans all women who strive for public office when so much time is spent on her wardrobe and appearance. That is shameful, and all of the Media (and many of you) are to blame.