Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ashley Alexandra Dupre

Not to be left off the Ashley Alexandra Dupre bandwagon,

Here is her Myspace page, with the full version of "What we Want." After listening several times, it's surprisingly not bad. If you heard it on the radio you wouldn't think anything of it. I'm not saying Beyonce is put on notice, but for the generic R/B - Pop song, it's decent.

Then there's her "official" page, where you can buy both of her songs. Word is, she's going to be a millionaire soon, with the downloads and offers from the "gentleman's magazine" industry.

Now, I'm sure everyone has strong opinions on Spitzer, and we can get into it if you want, but just from a "Only in America" point of view, you have to love the fact that she moved quickly enough to be in position to profit from this.

Gotta love this country.


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Dare I think that you included such smut on this esteemed blog to up your hit rates??

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Egads! I know I's not a BLOG. It's a way of life.

Hyperion said...

I didn't do it for ratings. I write about stuff that interests me, in the hopes that it will interest others.

What's with all the attitude and sarcasm? Did I forget to call you after our last romp in the hayloft?

Sparky Duck said...

She just has to be a St Rose girl, they were all sluts