Saturday, March 29, 2008

Monkeys know clutch

Enough of this feminist talk from LJS. She is going to be the first barefoot and pregnant pirate in known history.

Let's talk about something important, which would be March Madness. This year has been one of the most boring, chalk tournaments in recent memory, save for Davidson. So I figured for my first barn post, I would share some of the greatest memories in my own college basketball memory bank. Buzzer beaters!

There is Bryce Drew leading Valparaiso, which sounds like a college in Greece, not Indiana, past Mississippi in 1998.

Then we have Tate George of Uconn, knocking off NCAA Violation in the making Clemson in 1990.

UCONN 1990

And of course, there is Christian Laettner, who by the way defeated the 1990 UConn team with Tate George on a buzzer beater. But his greatest college moment may have been in the greatest college basketball game I have ever seen, vs Kentucky in 1992.

What say you, did I miss one?


Dragon said...

Welcome to the barn, Sparky! Watch where you step.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

My peg leg is always barefoot! :D
I *heart* Christian L. btw.

Hyperion said...

You obviously don't know the definition of "chalk." Did you know that out of 3.65 million brackets in ESPN's big contest, exactly ZERO got the first round right? Two 12s and two 13s win, three of them in the same damn arena, on the same damn day? And you say chalk?

Boo, you be trippin'.