Friday, March 28, 2008

That's it! LJS quits!

In light of Hyperion's porcine posting -enlightening how us ladies can use food to seduce men and advocating turning back feminism, I hereby declare myself dropping out of school. Afterall, Lynzee said college isn't necessary. And there's plenty of men looking for a wife that will "reject the of ferocity, arrogance, independence, and the goal of being a liberated woman as modern society defines it-—having a mind of her own and either no time, desire, or respect for her husband or family"

Why am I wasting my time trying to detect arthritis early when I can be home cooking for my man?? Not any more! As of today, I am stay-at-home LJS. Pirating in a home near you! I am equipped with lethal bonbons and sharp steak knives, and cooking wholesome meals. Just because I'm stay-at-home doesn't mean I can't be bad-ass.

(Oh yeah, why is the guy in that video so frumpy and the woman is total glam? What is it with this silly male fantasy?! Do you guys really think that if you don't shower, shave, dress well or take care of yourselves that we'll swoon??)

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Hyperion said...

If there's any misogyny in the video, it's the self-hating kind, as it was made BY WOMEN! I posted it as ironic, that YOU LADIES were setting back the cause, not as any implicit recommendation.

I'm surprised I have to explain that, but maybe if you girls thought things through a little better I wouldn't have to.