Monday, March 17, 2008


I listen to Canadian radio stations on the web, maybe because I miss the ol' maple, but mostly because they tend to get music America doesn't. The Frosties generally get American music simultaneously as down here, but get Canadian music first (duh), as well as more "european" faire.
What is continually surprising to me is how often talented acts from Canada or Europe DO NOT make it to the States. I will never get over my shock the fact that K-os's "Crabuckit" did not become song of the year down here.

You will recall I first alerted you to Mika and Live on Arrival? Well, say hello to Dragonette.

I heard this band and I can't get over them. The sound is punkesque, yet has an early '80s feel to it. Then I saw the video. Criminy Jistmas!

There is a 155% chance this song will end up on an upcoming season of The L Word. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the main theme song! (And before you scoff, recall that I absolutely nailed "Laisse Tombe Les Filles" making Tarantino's new movie)

Now, as far as this video goes, there are some women who seem taken with each other, so if you're offended by that, NEVER COME BACK TO MONKEY BARN AGAIN!

Here's the video:

In case you get obsessed like I am, here are the lyrics. What a slut, huh?

Speaking of which, I have emailed Dragon, but no word yet whether she's one of the lovely ladies in this band. Not that I'm accusing of her of anything....

(And if you still can't get enough, here's their home site)

Dragonette, Baby!


Lezziez for Dragon said...

There is no question that would have been the hottest video of 1982.

Actually, it's still hot. Androgyny Rulz! Bring back Frankie Goes to Hollywood!

Dragon said...

While I do 'get around' this Dragon normally prefers meat. I only go Vagitarian on special occasions.

Sparky Duck said...

How could they know music, its the country of Bryan Adams and Celine Dion for pagans sake.

though I wanna hear more about special occasions

Dragon said...

What do you want to know, Sparky? [she says as an evil grin stretches across her face]

Sparky Duck said...

Depends on what the rating of this blog is again