Tuesday, March 04, 2008

3 Inches, one way or the other

A trip in the way-back machine for a moment, back to 1992.

In the very underrated (and still holds up quite nicely) movie BASIC INSTINCT, everyone knows about the Sharon Stone sex, and the then unheard of lesbian stuff, etc. But perhaps the hottest sex scene occurs with first time actress Jeanne Tripplehorn. To refresh your memory, it occurs about 18 seconds before this shot:

Afterwards, Tripplehorn's character (Beth), and Michael Douglas's character (Nick), have the following conversation:

Beth: You've never been like that before. Why?
Nick: You tell me, you're the shrink.
Beth: You weren't making love to me!
Nick: Well, who was I making love to?
Beth: You weren't making love at all.

(By the way, methinks Beth doth protest too much. She certainly wasn't complaining when Nick bent her over a chair and violently ripped her panties of. Granted, I couldn't actually see her face for much of the exchange, but good times were seemingly had by all.)

Anyway, I'm not asking if the scene was hot (it was), or if Beth's later criticism was kinky remorse (it was). Here's my question. I always assumed that Nick took Beth in "rear entry" position. I mean, obviously he did, but I'm talking vaginally.

However, I was reading something on Aint it Cool News the other day, and Harry Knowles made casual mention of how Nick had fucked Beth up the ass. (His analogy was to what Republicans were doing to the country now, which is neither here nor there, but I mention it in the interest of fullness.)

Futher Googling reveals that there are at least a few people who take it for granted that's what happened. Now, in 1992 I was woefully ignorant of the ways of anatomy, so it is entirely possible tht I could have been watching simulated anal sex and not known it.

But I have seen that movie at least 10 times since, and every time I got the impression that Nick was going pink, not brown.

So I ask people who have seen BASIC INSTINCT, what is your opinion of that scene?

[By the way, I do not have video of the scene, but you can find a still-shot online. I'm not going to link it, but if you email me at hyperioninstitute@gmail.com and put Jeanne Tripplehorn in the subject line, I will email you the link.]

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