Monday, June 12, 2006

What women want….

Okay Ladies, I feel as if Hyperion has thrown a gauntlet (just read his comment in his “Chicks are crazy post & you’ll see) and I’m woman enough to pick it up. Women do want a nice guy, no matter the age, but they also want one with strength. Sadly during the younger ages, “nice” is also a bit wimpy, so women gravitate towards outward displays of strength. Unforetunetly those outward displays of strength are often shown by the asses. Afterall nice guys don't show their strength until pushed, right? Well it's almost a vicious cycle. Women want a nice guy with strength but trade nice for the appearance of strength and wind up with an ass.
As for me, I want a Shakespeare reading John Wayne. After all, no self respecting redhead will settle for a wimp. I want a nice guy - with strength - a brain - sense of humor - class - whom I have chemistry with -- and the ability to put up with my guff, not take it mind you, but, spar without hurting or being toppled.

What do you Ladies want???


buttmunch said...

I'm good lookin' AND have a great personality so I'm fighting 'em off with a stick most days

Tracy Lynn said...

I want a guy with brains and a sense of humor. And a backbone would certainly help him survive. Sense of self is a good one, too.

I also think that drama is really attractive when you're younger, but exhausting as you get older. I mean, who really needs that shit after 25?


Schrodinger's Kitten said...

I agree with Domie - John Wayne who can recite Hamlet. And do it with an accent.

Ironically, I just had one of those, and he and I had too much DRAMA, so it ended. So the whole drama connection is 100% correct...the older I get, the less of that I will tolerate.

And who wants someone 'nice?'...I have to say, in all honesty, if 'Nice' is a word someone uses to describe you, you sound uninteresting to me. How about Honest, or Forthright, or Reliable, or Kind, or Caring instead?

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I just want the someone who will hold my hand and smile with me as we're watching the sun rise over Quebec City. :D

Sea Hag said...

Personally, I think there's an attraction to jerks because, well, you know what you're getting into. I've had many a nice guy rip my heart out and stomp that sucker flat, and it was always a surprise because, well, he was nice. Also there's the whole thrill of the drama for us young'uns.