Thursday, June 08, 2006

Topsy revisited

I'd call you people idiots but I'm not convinced you're smart enough to know what the word means.

Let's try this again:

One of the Monkey Barn Contributors (and no, I am not a Contributor; I'm H-Daddy), sent me this picture, saying it was the contributor, and how the contributor spent the weekend.

Apparently, my judicious use of pronouns confused people, so just to be clear: It was a woman who sent me this picture:

(she's the one on top, and please: click on this twice for a MUCH better view, if only to help you make your decidsion.)

This eliminates Ajax, Koz, Elvis, Bear and Philogynist (although his name means "lover of women," so that would be clever, but he thinks he's too good to post, so obviously it can't be him anyway.)

That leaves six possibilities (in alphabetical order): Dominique, Dragon, Lady Jane Scarlett, Schrodinger's Kitten, Sea Hag and Tracy Lynn.

I promise you; one of those six WOMEN sent me that picture, claiming it was her.

The question I ask you, Monkey Barn: can you figure out which one?


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

OK, I have my finalist as:
Schro, Sea Hag and Tracy Lynn, just because I know it's not me, it's not Domie and I don't THINK it's Dragon. My guess is Tracy Lynn, her car has been on the fritz and at the mechanics, she has lots of spare time. Plus, I think that she's wild enough to send a pic like that! :D (you go girl!)

Sea Hag said...

Well, it's not be, because if I was going to make naughty pics with another hot girl, I'd go whole hog and be totally nekkid, and possibly covered in blueberry jam.

Sea Hag said...

Um, that should say it's not ME.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Can I bring the blueberry jam?? Sounds like fun. :D

Tracy Lynn said...

Well, I hate to burst the bubble, but I just got my camera and have not yet used it to capture myself in the sex act with anyone.

I do, however, love the fact that you guys think it's possible.

PS My breasts are WAY better.