Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Amy Winehouse

As you may know, I have a series over on Literary Hype where I examine the lyrics to pop music and what those lyrics may or may not mean. (You can go see past Music Lyrics columns here.)

However, on this song ("Rehab," by Amy Winehouse), I confess my powers are not up to analysis. Partly this is because I have never drank or done any drugs, and partly because I am not a woman.

However, many of you monkeys are woman, and almost all are alcoholics/drug users, so I ask you most sincerely: decipher this song for me and there's a shiny prize involved.

Here are the Lyrics (and if it doesn't work you can find them here):

Amy Winehouse - Rehab lyrics

Specifically I'm looking for the meaning of "70 days" and "ray" and "Mr. Hathaway." And here is the video:



Anonymous said...

Amy who?

Sparky Duck said...

Google Donny Hathaway

lost goddess said...

I don't know and from what I read I don't care.

Makes me need drugs just to come down

Hyperion said...

Koz - Try not to let the world know you're a moron

Sparky Duck - I ain't trying to do more work! That's why I asked all of you!

Lost Goddess - You simply have to listen to the song for it to really sink in