Friday, July 13, 2007

Dark Command

I'm just about to go to sleep after a long night of writing and I am flipping around and happen upon TCM, which is showing John Wayne's DARK COMMAND. It is one of Wayne's more famous films that I have never seen, and co-starring Gabby Hayes, Walter Pigeon and Roy Rogers, I figured I owed it at least a few minutes.

Well, John Wayne plays this character named Bob "Shortcut" Seton, from Texas. He likes this girl named Mary McCloud, who not surprisingly doesn't like him back. What made me come in here, fire the computer back up and post, though, was Seton's approach to liking a girl:

Bob 'Shortcut' Seton: You know that girl I was staring at when all the ruckus started?
Fletcher 'Fletch' McCloud: Yeah.
Bob 'Shortcut' Seton: Well, who is she?
Fletcher 'Fletch' McCloud: Well, her name is Mary McCloud. Why?
Bob 'Shortcut' Seton: Well, I'll tell you. I think maybe I'll marry her.
Fletcher 'Fletch' McCloud: What ?
Bob 'Shortcut' Seton: Course if she'll have me, I mean. Fella wouldn't wanna marry anyone that didn't want him, naturally.
Fletcher 'Fletch' McCloud: Oh, naturally. Uh, you know her well?
Bob 'Shortcut' Seton: Naw, just seen her once or twice. Once she was on a horse, and...
Fletcher 'Fletch' McCloud: time she was with a jackass.
[referring to Cantrell / Walter Pidgeon]
Bob 'Shortcut' Seton: He is, huh? Makes it easier, don't it?
Fletcher 'Fletch' McCloud: Practically a cinch. Say, you do things kinda sudden don't you?
Bob 'Shortcut' Seton: No, not exactly. But you see I got 'er figured out this way. If you LIKE someone - and you don't tell 'em right off - well, maybe all that time you wasted, she liked you, too. So... well, all that time's wasted, ain't it?
Fletcher 'Fletch' McCloud: Well, it IS the way you put it.

Later, Bob actually talks to the girl herself:

Miss Mary McCloud: Now, will you please get to the point and tell me what you want?
Bob 'Shortcut' Seton: I want to marry you.
Miss Mary McCloud: You what?
Bob 'Shortcut' Seton: Well, I ain't got no job right now, but I figure to get one. And outside of a snort of hooch now and then, I got no bad habits.
Miss Mary McCloud: I'd say asking a perfect stranger to marry you is a very bad habit!

As you can imagine, she is less than thrilled. Later Bob comes back to tell Mary that he meant to tell her he loved her, and then he grabs her and kisses Mary roughly and leaves. Mary grabs her shoulder as if it hurts, but does not seem that upset.

That John Wayne....

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