Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Now Introducing.....

Three things to tell you about today. Actually, I'll split it up into two posts.

First, I have new mottos on the Home Page, Movie-Hype and Monkey Barn. Go read them and be in awe. In addition, Monkey Barn has a new quote of the day. I thought about explaining who the author is, but find out for yourself; it makes the quote funnier.

Next, I'd like to welcome Elvis, our newest Monkey Barn Contributor. Some of you have been asking; is that the real Elvis? Well, obviously the official answer is no, but if you tell him you're glad to see him, he'll answer "Thank you very much." (wink wink).

1 comment:

Sea Hag said...

Hi Elvis! I once dressed like you for Halloween. I hope you are not mad about that.