Friday, February 17, 2006

Lady Jane Scarlet Update

My search to discovery the identiy of Lady Jane Scarlet continues.

I found this poem called 'Social Progress,' but that actually just mentions, "Lady Jane's scarlet face." No help there.

The closest Wikipedia could come wasLady Jane Grey, who apparently was queen of England for 9 days. A pretty cool article, even if it didn't help much.

The best Google Images could do was Lady Sarah Jane Scarlet

At this point I'm stumped. Does anyone else have any ideas?


Domie said...

Of course I do - she's amazing - brilliant - caring - and a bit - well let's just say - Madam Curie meets Lady Godiva!

Francis Esmonde-White said...

My dear Hyperion,

How lacking thy sleuthing skills are.

How could you not know the birth of the moniker of Lady Jane Scarlett was actually in the Henry Ford Museum, birthplace of many superb pirate names.

It was in fact I who cristened her with the noble title, to salvage her from a previously defective alias. A name which reminds some of us Canadian folk of moderately digestible orange glutaneous gloop (a 'food' which by virtue of my student nature, does occasionally decorate my insides).

As a side note, I am offended by the derogatory misspelling of said fine pseudonym.