Friday, February 03, 2006

My contribution

I can cook fairly well, but I was trying to think of some recipes I make for parties.

The most obvious is my Award-winning Graitch. This could be the greatest thing you could make for a Super Bowl party, and might possibly get you laid, or even married.

As for me, I did come up with one great thing: my fries. It's not even right to call them fries, but until a better name is thought of....

cut up several potatoes. (Red potatoes work best, but any will do). Cut them thin, as for fries, or else cut the potato length-wise and them make thin crescent moons.

Put potatoes in a bowl. Add a LOT of chili powder (more than you'd think, even if you're a wuss), oregano, salt, pepper, dried parsley, and if you so desire, cumin and curry. Pour in a small amount of extra virgin olive oil. Get your hands in the bowl and thoroughly mix the potatoes. You don't want extra oil in the bowl afterwards. (2 tbsps should be enough for 6 medium potatoes. You can always add more oil.)

Put potatoes on a baking sheet you have sprayed liberally with Pam. (Or on aluminum foil you've sprayed). The potatoes should not be piled up on each other. Use more baking sheets or several batches if you don't have room.

Place in a preheated oven at 400 or 425. Turn the potatoes (or at least shake them up) at about 12 minutes in. Should take 20-24 minutes; the only way you'll know is to taste them!

Let me know how your party went


Dragon said...

Potato Heaven is a great name for your fries.

Sea Hag said...

I think you and chili powder need to get a room.