Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tangy/Pungent: The final chapter

I’d like to clear up why I brought up the whole Tangy/Pungent debate. First, I wanted it noted for the record that in my initial post I made it clear that I’d checked out the dictionary, and indeed the two adjectives were permitted for smell (although they were listed after taste, but whatever). My contention, though, was that the words—especially tangy—are not generally used for taste.

Now, this is what I was talking about: a friend was going on about his baby, and he mentioned how his baby’s stool was the consistency of mustard. (What kind of mustard, I of course asked. I was assured it was “French’s.”) Anyway, the man further went on to describe this mustardy stool as tangy and pungent.

At this point I cut him off with a “Whoa! How do you know that? Did you taste it?” He assured me he hadn’t, but I argued that his adjectives were mainly used for taste, and not generally associated with smell, and that got the whole thing started (and now you’re caught up).

Secondly, when I made my initial post, someone calling herself (or for all I know, himself) “Lady Jane Scarlet” left a comment. For a day or so I was ecstatic. I misread the name and thought it was “Lady JAY Scarlet.” For those of you woefully uneducated yokels, Lady Jay and Scarlet were both good guys in G.I. JOE, possibly the greatest action series of all time. Scarlet was a young Auburn haired beauty (in love with Snake Eyes, in case these things matter to you), while Lady Jay was older, tougher, more experienced (knocked around a bit you might say), and the love of Flint’s life. (I always felt they missed out by not doing a big love triangle with Duke, the leader, but that’s just me.)

Anyway, I thought we had a G.I. JOE fan among us, and I was pretty stoked, until I looked again and saw the “Lady Jane Scarlet.” That name triggers my memory, but I can’t think of where I heard it, and I refuse to Google it out of principle. So Lady Jane Scarlet, whomever you are, explain your name!

Finally (in this post), I have a new quote of the day. I know it’s clichéd, but I was thinking about it, for a column I was writing on men vs. women, and so I thought I’d put it up. Besides, you don’t get to complain unless you’re suggesting quotes yourself, and none of you jokers are, so deal with it.

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