Sunday, February 19, 2006


I'm back! Did you miss me? Where have I been? I'd love to say I've been meditating in Tibet or playing Dahli Lama to the masses or bartering for some trained flying monkeys (if you're ever in the market for some, I suggest trianing your own, they're more loyal if you do) or sunbathing with Michael Buble (guess I have to wait until March to see him, sigh). Some might wondered if i fled the country and for fear of being traced had kept on the downlow. Or you might have wondered if I too had entered "the program" with Hypie. To those few, I can only say, "so many aliases, so little time." No, the truth is that I've been moving. Forty some days of packing. One day of moving. One happy girl (with a living room and dining room full of boxes and a little voice in her head saying 'you have too much shtuff'). Two great aspects of this move (and perhaps reasons for it): 1) no more roommate (now that I'm out I could post some interesting things about the experience like about the time she wanted to call an electrician to fix and outlet when she just had to flip a wall switch, honest) and 2) no more commute (close enough to walk if I wanted, but reality is that I'm a fan of the snooze button and sleep - although sadly now I can't blame traffic if I'm fashionablely on time). Right now I'm netless (gasp) at the house. I'll try to post from work, however, if you do not hear from me for a week, no worries, please don't go calling the embassies looking to see if I need a lawyer - again.

Watch out for flying monkies!


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

My world is brighter knowing that Domie is happy and smiling. Welcome back to the electronic world my dear, the Matrix missed you.

Dragon said...

Welcome back darling Dominque! We missed you.