Thursday, February 23, 2006

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It's time for everybody's favorite post: Monkey Barn Lynx!

Today's list if brought to you by the letters R and Q and by the number 8

Monkey Barn Paranoia: What's up with those haters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania? I mean, call my crazy, but does it seem like they are trying to steal my glory or what?

MB Manly Comix: T-Rex lives with his "Man" feelings.

MB quote of the day: in January, Turner Classic Movies profiles the great Miyazaki every Thursday night. However, the last week I guess they ran out of his films, and turned to another Japanese legend, Takahata. I recorded but haven't yet been able to watch his films. One of them was called POM POKO, about some raccoons. The translation produced this quote. I would reprint it, but you wouldn't believe me. You must see it for yourself. (Here is the original movie link.)

MB Dino comics; bonus track: I have decided that I am going to write this book.

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