Friday, February 17, 2006

TV Chat

I’m all caught up on LOST now. Is there any question this is the best show on TV? I know some like to bitch about the pace of the show, but it sneaks up on you. Considering that we’re still only 50 days in or so, some major changes have been made. The Castaways are joined up, we have enemies within the group...You people who aren’t watching; you’re really missing out. You could do nothing better than rent season 1 and catch up.

For those of you who do watch, who else wants Jack deposed as leader? Tell me the island wouldn’t be better off with Sayid, Eko and Locke as leaders? Also, since Charlie went “dark,” I’m coming around on him a little bit. The baptism episode was inspiring. And did you see the dinosaur in his dream?

(probably not your first choice for a babysitter)

Frankly, dark Charlie is ten times more intersested than whiny conflicted wannabe father Charlie. Add in Sawyer, whose suffering is truly compelling, and LOST is in good hands.

Speaking of suffering, I continue to be blown away by the character of Greg House, and Hugh Laurie performing him. I think we’re going to look back on him in 15-20 years as one of the best characters ever. I’m tentatively calling him the best Procedural character of all time. For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a Procedural is a show that is basically the same in structure week in and week out, and doesn’t rely on continually building story-lines. Examples of Procedurals on the air right now are the CSI family, the Law & Order family, Cold Case, Criminal Minds, NCIS (heck; pretty much anything on CBS), Bones (my second favorite right now behind House), Medium and The Closer.

(My mom and sister think he's hot, too)

Before House, I’d have said Gil Grissom was the best Procedural character ever. I loved Lenny Briscoe, but the L&O franchise doesn’t usually give their characters a whole lot to do. (For bit characters, I loved the very first D.A. Adam Schiff. He always got the best lines.) Other Procedural characters I dig on: Warrick and Greg from CSI, the character Olivia on SVU, and Abby on NCIS. Maybe I’m leaving someone out, but until I get a compelling argument otherwise, I’m declaring Hugh Laurie the best of all time.


Bethany said...

I agree-I love his grumpiness. He reminds me so much of the doctor I used to work for. We would have patients complain about how he wasn't very nice sometimes, but he was the best doctor around. Hey, who wouldn't get tired of hearing people complain about their aches and pains all the time, especially if you, yourself were in constant, horrible pain? And then a few months ago we were watching some old BlackAdder reruns on the BBC channels and my daughter recognized him as a much younger man, when he was on there as BlackAdder's side-kick (they are showing more modern ones, set in World War I, etc., not just the 1300's). As a comedic character, he was great. I never would have recognized him, he was so different. I'm quite impressed with his range of talent.

Faithful Joy said...

My only question is this: Who is more DO-ABLE? Sayid or Sawyer? It's quite a conundrum! Jack isn't even in the running...I say we vote him and his self-righteous butt right off the island!

I am a HUGE fan of LOST. Never miss it!

Faithful Joy said...

OH YEAH! And regarding Abby on NCIS...she makes me want to go Goth! What a great character!

Jeff Travis Henderson said...

Fact: House is the best Procedural character ever.

Fact: Matlock is the second best.