Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lady Jane Scarlett in da Barn!

While I did abstain from the Haiku craziness the other week, I am not anti all poetry. I just happen to be an uber persnickety dame. Here for your reading pleasure (I hope you enjoy it) is a poem by our very own Lady Jane Scarlett.

The Four Winds
- by "Lady Jane Scarlett"

May the four winds carry you to me
through time, eternity, lust and trust
to the soul of my everything.
Let me rest easy in your embrace where
your bright eyes fill me with loving grace.
May the four winds carry you safely home
where North, South, West and East kiss
your words and scatter doubts amiss.
Come back to me, darling, I am alone
sailing on the open seas.
May the four winds carry us back
from fracture, shame, rage and fear.
In want of joy, our paths adrift;
my solitude greets Eros in the East.
Through the day and into the night
our game, I’ll play with you.
Your silence I’ll bear despite regret.
The West has to carry you home yet.
May the four winds yield my cries
across the desert and into your ears.
My tears broken by North’s cold
and your lies I curse and rue.
May the four winds know your home
so the four horsemen can raise their fete;
create a vortex of just desserts.
Their breath fades our memories.
Yet now I wonder what to do,
for still I am one instead of with you.
Now these four winds carry me safely home;
an iron maiden of resolve, mistrust, lust and love.
The rest of my days
torture me with delight.

PS - don't worry I'm glad to say that happier days are upon her

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Dragon said...

Wonderful poem LJS. Thanks for sharing Dominique.