Friday, February 17, 2006

Shroud of Torino

I was going to write this big ol' long post on the Olympics, until I decided I didn't care very much.

I don't watch, mostly because I think the entire process is corrupt and it's too manufactured (on TV), although I have respect for the athletes who train hard.

I think my biggest complaint this year is the obsession with calling the city Torino, instead of Turin, which is what the rest of the world has said for years. I realize that the people covering the games are in Italy, and hear it called Torino there, but I still don't buy the argument. For one, do you hear anyone saying they are in Torino, Italia? That's the proper way to say the country. Moreover, you didn't hear this in any other foreign city like Lillehammer, Nagano, or Salt Lake.

Since I don't have much to say, here is what I wrote back in 2002 over the Figure-Skating Controversy.

And while I'm at it, The Sports Guy wrote a much funnier column.

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