Friday, February 17, 2006

February 17 Linkage

Some links you may enjoy

Rabbit-punch: Bunny goes undercover

Friends Don't Let Friends Vacuum: The drunkest man I've ever seen. I have to strongly caution you here: this video contains male nudity. Why do I post it, when I'm against male nudity? Well, bascially, this guy is passed out drunk, and his friends think it would be funny to get the vacuum cleaner and, well, you know. I promise you it's not pornographic or sexual. Heck, it's even tasteful, as much as this kind of thing can be. Ultimately, though, it's hilarious, so I didn't want you to miss out.

I wonder how many times this guy saw Brokeback? Never let it be said that Hyperion runs from controversial articles, like this one, aruging that not all contextual uses of the word "faggot" are wrong. I will say his premise is interesting, and I can imagine after living in San Fransisco one would be sick of the PC culture. And, as a general point, I agree that we give way too much credence to words, acting as if they are evil and of themselves, investing them with power they should have.

That said, It's always been my experience that when people are adamant about a certain term, they usually also believe the negative meaning of it as well. Or put another way: there are funny jokes making fun of black people just like there are making fun of every other race, but most of the time the people who tell me them are also racist. Coincidence? Hemp may or may not have many industrial uses, but why are the proponents of Hemp almost always potheads?

I'm not saying the author is homophobic; I don't know him. And I'm not saying faggot is an evil term, when applied to gay people or not. (His premise is that among friends who aren't gay, it's not a bad term.) However, I can't buy his theory. First of all, when he calls his friend a faggot, even if he's kidding, it's not a postive thing. Does this lead to more gay-bashing? Maybe not, but it doesn't help. (For this reason I tell people who use "gay" to mean stupid, "Why can't you find a different word?")

More to the point, are we so hard up for terminology that we need to use words like faggot? To me, it's not about being politically correct, which I loathe, but about just choosing to think differently and express ourself in creative ways that don't rag on someone's skin or background.

Or maybe I'm out to lunch. If you're interested, read his article and decide for yourself.

Maybe if they jumped off the wall.....If you've always wondered what would happen if everyone in China jumped up in the air at the same time, The Straight Dope has done the math.

Don't put any in my jerky: One more Straight Dope, in honor of the week: How to make a Love Potion.

T-Rex Time: A couple Dinosaur Comics to round out the Links: T-Rex hates verbs. I think "We Can Sexy" is going to be my new motto.

T-Rex learns that Social Constraints Serve a Useful Purpose. A lesson Hyperion never seems to learn, either.

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