Sunday, February 26, 2006

Somewhere, Opie is weeping

Don Knotts died today. I remember him best in Disney's 'Hot Lead and Cold Feet', with Tim Conway as bumbling outlaws. And as Mr. Furley in Three's company, where he has inspired an entire generation of well-meaning but deeply paranoid homophobes.

Farewell Barney Fife.


Dragon said...

I had the pleasure of watching a live show with Don Knotts and Tim Conway. I still laugh out loud when I think of their dentist sketch. Rest in peace Mr. Knotts.

Anonymous said...

I ALso Grew Up Watching Him, but it was as Barney on the Andy Griffith Show. He in part was an influence on me to Be good. Because he was such a good guy.

Sea Hag said...

I loved him in 'The Incredbile Mr. Limpet'. Also, the guy who played the dad in 'A Christmas Story' passed away. He went to the big leg lamp in the sky. God speed, dudes.