Friday, November 10, 2006

Finally a Project we can all get our hands on!

When Bear wrote his list of T words, he somehow started a firestorm in the Comments. (Go read the list again, and especially the comments.)

If I'm reading them right (and I think I am), the Gorgeous Ladies of Monkey Barn are keen to see who is the bestest, and they'd like that competition to take place via one of my favorite T words, one that Bear inexplicably left out. (Although, he did say "Twins," so partial credit.)

(who measures these women? Is it an official job? How does one go about getting that job?)

This idea isn't one I would have come up with myself, but far be it from me to turn down my Monkey Barn Angels, whom I have come to rely on so much. Therefore, the next Monkey Barn project will be, uh, called "Thy Cup Runneth Over!"

(As with all Monkey Barn Projects, Hyperion plans on taking a hands on approach)

Exact details haven't been worked out. For example, are we going to take everyone's word for it? That sounds sketchy. In the interests of Science, it would seem we need more proof.

Another problem: what are the men of Monkey Barn to do, since they can't join in? Bear and I discussed, and he feels the men need to do their share, so they will be part of the objective judging crew.

Finally, we need to make sue there is no faud taking place. As soon as this project was announced, three different people sent me this photo:

I mean, you can't all look like her, right?

Anyway, more details as they become available, and hopefully you all will enjoy this new project.
And thanks, Ladies. I never would have come up with this without you.



Lady Jane Scarlett said...

You surprise me-I thought you were more of an ass-man...

Tracy Lynn said...

I can tell you right now that it's no contest. The Bodacious Rack always is triumphant.
And keep your "hands on" off, thank you very much.

Dominique said...

I think the "nerdy navy man" wouldn't be thrilled if I shared my nipples - sorry.

Hyperion said...

You're all talk, TL: we'll see how the swimsuit competition goes.

LJS - quit reading my diary

lost goddess said...

Hyperion, you jumped on that ban wagon real quick, didn't you?

Sea Hag said...

Dear lord, what hath I wrought?!?!

By the way, it's on like Donkey Kong. My girls are the bestest!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Let's bring it on Sea Hag! A battle of the pirates, it's well known pirates have better racks than ninja!

Sea Hag said...

preach on, sister!

tiff said...

Oh, y'all, I'm sorry. A a member of the Spanish Inquisition Lovers Kin (SILK), I have to inform you that I have the best rack in the Barn.

What do you mean NOT that kind of rack? Aren't we talking racks here?

You what? Want to see my what?

Oh boy.

Dragon said...

Ladies, ladies, ladies....sigh. Why are we fighting? Its a well known fact that I have the best "rack" in the barn. My girls are, well, spectacular.

lost goddess said...

I'd have to say on the facts alone I have not only the best , not only are they big, but they are realest rack in this here barn! j/k

Pirates are known for they're racks b/c they're ALWAYS on display.

Ninjas on the other hand are super secret. So you never really see that they have extremely nice racks. It is highly understandable why neither of you pirates know this. Did I mention they are highly skilled in many areas of the martial arts? The racks also display a variety of great weapon choices.

tiff said...

I respectfully withdraw. Being neither pirate or ninja, preferring to utilize the wisdom that comes with age, I will stand back and watch as the youngsters duke this one out. I have neither the strength nor patience to fight this battle.

Tomorrow, we talk tattoos.

Sea Hag said...

Oooh! I like to talk about my tattoos! Can we talk about my piercings, too?

tiff said...

Hell yeah! The more the merrier!