Thursday, November 30, 2006

How do they make a 7-10 Split? (Magic!)

Speaking of Wizards......

I got my first Dinosaur Presen Day (Featuring T-Rex) gifts yesterday. I tell you the the truth, homies: anyone who is down on that holiday should have seen my haul.

My foodstuffs included: Skittles, Jelly Bellies, Spicy Peanuts, Granola Bars, Dark Chocolate Almond Bark, Dried Mangoes, two kinds of homemade cookies and lots of Beef Jerky.

Besides that, I got a cool sweater, Canadian Beanie Babies (to commemorate my time here, which is fast coming to an end), TO CATCH A THIEF, RAGING BULL (not to be confused with BULL DURHAM), and Norah Jones.

Plus....I got more wizards.

In this cool little black box (with a rose on it) were three wizards and a dragon. (Not our dragon; I'm sure she wouldn't be shacking up with three men, but a pewter dragon). All of the wizards were holding objects such as these (these are not my wizards; they refused to be photographed, but you get the idea):

I realized what I had on hand: A Wizard Bowling Team! I am currently trying to come up with a cool-ass name for my Wizard Bowling Team. If you have a suggestion, I am all ears.

Oh, and if you feel left out and want to exchange gifts for Dinosaur Present Day (Featuring T-Rex) write and ask me. I can't tell you my address, but I can give you the address of my aunt, who should know how to get it to me, wherever I end up.


Dragon said...

Pin-head Wizards!

Dragon said...

or....Pin-Ball Wizards!

"He's a pinball wizard
There's got to be a twist
A pinball wizard
He's got such a supple wrist"

tiff said...


globe throwers

sphere chuckers (OK, maybe I'm the only one that will think it's funny, but still)

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I was thinking "Magic Ballz"