Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Post Secret Pick of the Week- Week 6

Okay, so last weeks secrets sucked. Which means I posted none of them. Sure some were good. I just know there is better. The thing is, it is one thing to have the same secret but, its another to tell it the same way. It is like steeling a story and not making it better or even you own for that matter.

As they say in the Lion King,"akuna matata" It gets better. This week is blowing up with great post. I going to list them all. Well all the good ones, at least to me. I might even tell you why I chose them.


Tracy Lynn said...

You know, this all belongs to Postsecret, and I'm pretty sure you need to ask for permission before you post it anywhere. Not trying to be a bitch.

lost goddess said...

I am pretty sure it does.

My initial thought when I read your comment was "So cry me a river dick face" but then I realize that's only the response of somebody who cares. Not trying to be a bitch or anything, but I'm sure your right and I don't care.

If it is that big of a deal I'm sure some one will let me know. Besides I didn't realize any one at the barn receive any copy right permission on any of the stuff we post.

And if it was in the rules of the barn email you get when first asked to join the barn, then I should let you know I didn't get that email. (*Hyperion I'm looking in your direction)

And last but not least why do you bring this up now instead of when I first started posting them 6 weeks ago?

tiff said...

Every post put up, anywhere on the internet, is by rights copyrighted by the person who posted the material. To borrow it without permission, if permission is needed, is breaking copyright law.

If Post Secret allows free copying without attribution, then the MB is fine in doing so. If not, a simple hyperlink back to the originating website often suffices to satisfy the laws of copyright.

As a nonprofit agency/entity, we're largely covered because we're not posting other sites' content for monetary gain. However, decorum/manners/whatever insists that we attribute wherever possible.

So, I believe that mentioning that these images are FROM postSecret is good, but a link back would be better. Best yet would be to ensure that content from that site is OK to copy to another site.

Hope this helps.