Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sloppy second "N"

Sure, sure, sure. I get the second N. The FIRST N list was exhaustive, don't you think? What, you didn't read it?

For shame. Go back and take a look at it, then come back here.

Really, what could I do to compete with THAT?

Fortunately, I don't HAVE to compete, because I was given a rule to play by, and that was that whatever I came up with for my Thanksgiving list had to be in the style of "x 'n' y".

"Pork n' beans," for example. "Strippers n' poles," for another.

So, um, HERE GOES!

Things I'm thankful for that are "something n' something" else, by Tiff


Surf n’ turf

Peanut butter n’ jelly

Salt n’ peppah

Pepperoni n’ sausage

Franks n’ beans

Pie n’ ice cream


Rum n’ coke

Bourbon n’ soda (skip the soda)

Black n’ Tans


Chutes n’ ladders

Hop, skip n’ jump

Twist n’ shout

Rock n’ roll

Hugs n’ kisses

Twigs n’ berries

In n’ out

Moan n’ groan


This n’ that

Nuts n’ bolts

Soap n’ water

Hopes n’ dreams

Bits n’ pieces

Bells n’ whistles

Life n’ death


Chelle said...

I am also thankful for the Moan n' groan, the In n'Out, the Hugs n' Kisses.

lost goddess said...

what no hide n' seek?

How dare you! I don't even know you!

I guess it's just like this n' like that *sigh*

Sea Hag said...

heh heh, In 'n' Out, both the restaurant and the naughty one.

What about Guns 'n' Roses? Or Shanke 'n' Bake? Or Wake 'n' Bake?

Sea Hag said...

uh, that should be SHAKE 'n' Bake, by the way. Ooh, what about Steak 'n' Shake? Mmmmmmm.

tiff said...

Ah sweet memories of wake n' bake.....

all good additions!

Dominique said...

excellent - hugs n kisses to you!

Tracy Lynn said...

XXXOOO to you, too!

Koz said...

My favorite 'Gentleman's" club - Show n' Tail