Thursday, November 09, 2006

What I have to be thankful for - A

There are many 'A' words to be thankful for and many whole words to be thankful for. I can't list them all here so this is my short list of A whole words (and A whole phrases):

Anna Benson – there are actually 2 reasons why I am thankful for Anna

Atlanta – With out this great city I wouldn’t have a place to call home I also wouldn’t have my Atlanta Braves to cheer for. Also this is the last bastian for Republicans.

African Americans – Everyone should be thankful for them. Without them we would all be dorks. They define all things cool and then that coolness trickles down to (most of) us white people. Unfortunately when it gets to us we play it out until it’s no longer cool (bling, bling?). Too bad this trickle down effect doesn’t work for anyone of Indian descent.

Amp – Ahh sweet nectar of the Gods (but manufactured by Mt.Dew)

America, United States of – I still don’t know why the world hates us? I am allowed to have a 5 car garage, right?

Apples – They keep the doctor away (and Microsoft too)

Give Thanks



Hyperion said...

African Americans - now that's a good call.

I might also have added asses, although I'm sure if I had someone would have accused me of being obsessed.

tiff said...

Hyperion - obsession with asses is illegal in many states. You should consider this before coming back to the U.S of A. I don't know how they roll in Canuckistan, but since it's clear you haven't been arrested yet, maybe they're more comfortable with bestiality up there.

Chelle said...

Go Braves!!! Thanks giving needs a B letter to be thankful for, but I am glad you worked in baseball. :D