Tuesday, June 07, 2005

more on peeing

Speaking of peeing, I was thinking of this the other day. Sometimes when I'm dreaming I (or some other character) really really has to piss. Not to be vulgar, but that's what happens. And it just gets worse and worse. So the character eventually pees, but either he has to pee again, or someone else in the dream has to pee. Eventually my brain gets the idea and I wake up and stumble into the bathroom and take aim.

Here's my question: does this happen to anyone else? I've never heard anyone talk about this before, so I don't know if (like many other strange things in Hyperon's life) I am all alone with this, or if many others have it happen to them to. Post a comment and let me know if I am the only one.

And while I'm on the subject (because when is this going to come up again), I can never figure out how all those people in movies and TV can have sex right after waking up. Usually the first thing I think of is "get to the bathroom, NOW!" I certainly wouldn't dream of trying to do something else, let alone another function with said peeing aparatus. Yet I can't count how many times in movies or on television the characters wake up, kiss each other (apparently without bad breath) and then immediately go at it. Again, is this just me?

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Anonymous said...

The "anonymous" identity is there for a reason. If you won't answer something as simple as what does callipygian mean without our name, what makes you think we would share something as personal as our bladder habits and sex lives? Oh, and by the way, I might think about emailing you at the chronicles with some of this, but you have about three emails from me that you have yet to answer so maybe we could start there?