Monday, November 13, 2006

What I am thankful for -K

Sponsored by the Letter K

Kisses: From a peck to a passionate kiss that lasts for days, kisses are wonderful!

Kindness: I think that if we each did one random act of kindness, our little world be a better home.

Karma: For when people aren’t very kind, and for when they are…

Kansas: Home of most of the nation’s nut jobs, I’m thankful they’re centrally located and far far away from me.

Kilauea: An active volcano on the Big Island, going to visit it reminded me how cool nature is.

Kaida! She took over the Monkey Barn when we needed a swift kick in the collective butt, so thanks for being a tough (but tender) cookie.

K (as in Potassium): Without K, we’d all be dead!

Kittens: They’re so small and adorably fuzzy, every time I see one, I smile.

Kernels: Of popcorn!!!


tiff said...

Most excellent list!

Dominique said...

Krispy Kreme!

Koz said...

What no love for Koz?

Sea Hag said...

You forgot Kahlua!!!! Sweet, nourishing Kahlua. Giver of life, mother to us all. Also, you forgot K Hard Apple Cider. That stuff is the balls.

Tracy Lynn said...

Well done!