Monday, April 17, 2006

Ajax's QotD: Clip your string, Chatty Cathy...

The Set Up: Hasbro is making a G.I. Joe-style doll/figurine (if you're a girl, its a doll. if you're a boy, its a figurine or an action figure) of you, twelve inches tall with kung-fu grip included for both boys and girls. It also includes a microchip that will allow the toy to speak up to three sentences, separate or all at once.

The Question: What would your doll/figurine say?

Mine would say:

The Teletubbies are touching me in my bathing suit area.

My batteries are running low, so pardon me if I don't care.

and finally,
Please take me out of your mouth, I'm rated way, way above your age bracket.


Hyperion said...

Phrase #1: Don't touch me there; you're not my brother.

Phrase #2: All your base are belong to us.

Phrase #3: Did you see the cans on Barbie? I'd like to get my kung-fu grip on those....

lost goddess said...

My Kung-Fu grip is good for more than just fighting.

Why do you always want to put it there?

No, I can't be YOUR plaything.