Thursday, April 13, 2006

I've joined the masses by popular request.

Okay. Fine. It only takes a piano to fall on me twice to get a point. For a while now I've been getting the "nudge" to do my own blog. I figured the Barn was enough. It is quite satisfying and a tremendous honor. LJS in particular has nudged (ha! who's known a pirate doc to merely nudge - I'm being nice here) me on multiple occasions to do it. This from the one holding out on getting the HCL! I digress. I have given in and started a blog of my own. It's in the lines of Ferris' stop and look or you'll miss it quote. It's not that the Barn isn't enough any more or any great desire to share the location of the holy grail on my own and take all the glory. Nope. My Sister now has her own blog! I'm on here WAY more than she is and is more up to date with blogs and cyber land. It's not that I want what she has or am jealous - not at all - I am proud of her doing it - but it's like driving a 'Stang and being passed by a minivan! If you're so inclined, take a gander. It appears from comments that our very own (& great) Hyperion has already been there.

Oh & big hiddy-ho welcome to all the new posters - you must be something to get our dear Hyperion's attention and invite. To our readers - thanks for reading, come back frequently, and comment often (you'll just stir us to write more the more you comment).

Sunshine and rainbows to all - I'm off to pack for Savannah!

Oh one mroe thing, Happy Easter all - eat loads of chocolate. OOOoooo...question - how do you eat your chocolate bunny - is there a certain part you eat first or a system??? For me, it's the tail then ears.

This message has been brought to you by the letters L, B; the number 21; and Dominique!


Schrodinger's Kitten said...

Thanks for the welcome - we are morons indeed!

Ears first. No question. Unless solid...hmmm. Then Tail first.

Tracy Lynn said...

Thanks from me as well, and I'm a head first girl, myself.