Tuesday, April 18, 2006

What About Brian episode 2

{I just noticed that the woman in green is not in the show. I guess they re-cast her. How embarrassing to not only get fired, but everyone knows it.}

I watched my second episode of "What About Brian" last night. This show is going to drive me crazy.

One of the couples is trying an "open marriage." Forget those late-night shows on HBO and Showcase: that does not work!!!!! Plus, if your wife brings this up, she's not trying to give you the "gift of an adventure" (seriously, that was the line she used), she wants to bang the yoga instructor.

And men don't escape my wrath, either. First there was the infamous yoga instructor. When the wife asked him if he assumed all women wanted to have sex with him, the man replies, "I don't consider it sex. I consider it 'healing.'" My sister was watching with me, and she threw a pillow at a TV.

Then there's Brian. In love with his best friend's fiance, he's trying to move on with "Lisa." After spending the night he wakes up and takes a shower in her bathroom, only to "accidentally" meet the roommate, also named Lisa. (I can see two girls with the same name living together, but supposedly Lisa #1 hasn't had sex in like 6 months, and Lisa #2 has no qualms about meeting a naked man in her shower, with her half naked as well. ARRRRGH! I hate bad writing like this. Worse, I'm wasting time writing about it!)

Predictably, Brian likes Lisa #2, which Brian's friend tells him to go for, because it would be "2 in 24," also the show's title.

What kind of idiot is he? Already in love with a woman he can't have, Brian is now going to attempt to date a woman he can't date? (Although: if he did attempt to date them both, at least he wouldn't have to remember their names and who was who.)

I can't believe I watched this show a second time, and I really can't believe I'm counting the days until next Monday. What is wrong with me?


'Jax said...

I know a couple who successfully managed an open marriage for about two years, and an open relationship for about five years before that. In point of fact, they lived in a house with both their respective boyfriend and girlfriend for about a year after they were married. Nor was the sex limited to merely twosomes, or purely heterosexual.

The whole thing came crashing down not because of the ambiguous paternity of the father of child growing in the wife's uterus (they thought that was really quite amusing), but because of the wife's failure to pay income tax for about five years on her home-based business.

Thus the sex commune tore itself apart. The husband left with the girlfriend to find a seedy apartment on Hastings Street, and the wife moved in with her sometime-drug-dealer sister up near Kingsway (her boyfriend having left her because he wasn't ready to be a dad, should the child prove to be non-Philipino and therefore his).

Yeah. So... yeah.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I'm not sure if "successful" is the right adjective to use...