Wednesday, April 19, 2006

LJS question of the hour

Y'all remember INXS? Before Michael Hutchence died...before they sold their soul to Mark Burnett? I'm enjoying an underappreciated album "Welcome to wherever you are", my favorite song from the album is "Questions" and I always enjoy wrapping my head around this one.

How do you heal someone who doesn't want to heal?

Also, on the LJS channel, I explore if ninja and pirates can peacefully coexist. Stay tuned, I may have a candidate for Monkey #13...Hyperion willing.

:) LJS


Dragon said...

Ninjas rule!

'Jax said...

Peaceful coexistence between pirates and ninjas? That'd be like peaceful co-existence between, oh, God and the Devil. Only God would be super cool, with an eyepatch and a parrot, while the Devil would be heli-lame, with a silly black mask and even more childish pretentiousness than usual.

Pirates rule, yar.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Arrrgh! 'Jax, you're awesome!